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Electric Tankless Water Heater Information

Electric Tankless water heaters differ from gas tankless heaters by the way they heat the water. Electric tankless models use an electrical heating element to heat the water as it flows thru the tankless water heater. Flow and temperature sensors are used to measure the temperature of the water and how much is needed based on the flow. The control board then uses this information to send enough electrical power to the elements to heat the water to desired temperature.
Electric_Tankless_Flow (75K)

Listed below are a few tankless water heaters currently listed for sale on ebay.
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Tankless Electric Water Heater Safety

The following are general safety and installation requirements for a tankless Electric water heater.
Proper sized wire and the correct circuit breakers must be used for safe installation and operation. Many manufacturers will list the required breakers and wire size needed. You should also consult with a licensed electrician and be sure all local codes are being followed. Tankless heater controls are generally set to 120 F or less to help prevent accidental scalding.

Recovery Rate
Electric fired tankless water heaters do not produce hot water until a tap is turned on and hot water is called for.

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