Average Cost to Finish a Basement Yourself

Average Basement Cost

Average Cost to Finish a Basement Yourself - $18,497

Remodeling your basement is a big job potentially involving many different skills, tools and materials: Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting etc.... Average Cost to Finish a Basement Yourself comes in just around $18,497. but keep in mind this number is just an average. This average includes all materials for a basement plan around 1000 sq. ft. If you have more or less area to finish, your cost will vary.

Your average cost to finish a basement yourself will also vary depending on the type of materials you use, where you live, and the way you decide to divide your space. For example: You may have a 1,000 square ft. basement to finish but if you use some of this space as storage and include large open areas in your plans, you will spend considerably less than a plan with full bathrooms and many small rooms. Plumbing also plays a large part in keeping the cost down. If you add a Bar, Kitchen area, or Bathrooms this will drive the price up because of plumbing needed for these areas. What is Average cost to finish a basement is a question we get alot. As you browse thru this website you will find lots of info that can be used for home improvement and remodeling in all areas of your home. More detailed information on how to finish a basement can be found at www.Basements101.com

The Major steps to finish a basement are listed below for your review. Take a look at all steps and decide which ones you can complete on your own. How Much does it will cost to Finish your Basement will depend largely on your planning and layout as well as how much it will cost to hire others to do some or all of the work. Good luck with your project!

Step 1. Planning - Planning and Design is the first step to finish your basement.

Step 2. Layout - It is important to decide where everything will be located in your basement.

Step 3. Framing - Framing and building walls in your basement

Step 4. Electrical - Electrical Home Wiring

Step 5. Plumbing - Plumbing for your basement. includes Rough and Finish plumbing.

Step 6. Drywall - Drywall Instructions

Step 7. Painting - Painting your Basement

Step 8. Trim and Doors - How-To install doors and finish trim.

Step 9. Flooring - Basement Flooring.

Average Cost to Finish a Basement Yourself

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