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DIY - Drywall Tools

Drywall can be done by the homeowner. Note - Hanging drywall for an entire basement is a very big job and it can be very time consuming for Do-it-yourself homeowners. If at all possible-Hire some professionals to do this part of your project! Listed below are tools needed for hanging Drywall. You can print an instruction page for each step or click here for full instructions.
You will need several tools before starting your drywall installation. Some you will need to purchase but there are a few tools you should rent because you will only be using them 1 time. A drywall jack or sometimes called a drywall lift or deadman is one of the tools you will want to rent. The drywall jack will make it much easier to hold the drywall up as you attach panels to the ceiling. This tool comes in very handy and you can rent them at most retail hardware stores. You will also want to make yourself a couple of T's made out of 2"x 4"s. These T's will make it easier to hold drywall in place after raising it with the drywall jack. The T's can be made at home and should be just long enough so they are an inch or two taller than the height of the ceiling and be built with a cross beam approx, 3' across. Raise the drywall into place, adjust as needed and then wedge the T's you made into place so they hold the drywall snug to the ceiling. You can then install a few screws to hold the drywall before removing the lift and installing the rest of the screws needed to securly hold drywall to ceiling.

Other tools you may need include a cordless drill, drywall screw gun, or an electric drill with a bit designed for installing drywall screws. This bit can also sometimes be called a drywall dimpler. You will also need a hammer, T-square, carpenters knife, drywall saw and a keyhole saw used for cutting around small corners or around electrical boxes. Pictures of the tools you may need for hanging drywall are included below. If you are doing your own taping, you will also need taping knives with 6" and 12" blades, a pan to put mud in, a pole sander, sandpaper or sanding sheets as well as a utility knife.

You will also need fiberglass tape and joint compound for taping and mudding. Joint Compound can be picked up in ready-mixed containers at most home improvement stores or you can get a dry mix and add water to mix your own. I would suggest ready-mix for your first project. You will need approx 5 gallons for every 500 square ft. of drywall but you could use more or less depending on your seams and how you apply the compound. Paper and or fiberglass tape can be used for joints. Paper is smoother and easier to cover but the fiberglass tape holds the joint compound together and produces a stronger seam. You can pick up a few rolls of each and decide which is easier for you to install.

Drywall screws are typically used to attach drywall to framing. You will need a good cordless drill to install the screws. Nails can also be used but are not recommended. Be sure you get drywall screws. They usually come in 5lb boxes. 1.25 or 1.5 inch screws can be used.

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