Drywall Hanging Instructions

DIY - Drywall Hanging Instructions

The installation of Drywall, or sometimes drywall hanging as the pros call it, can be done by the homeowner but it usually takes 2 or more people because of the heavy lifting involved. If you are going to hang drywall, we would strongly suggest you start with a closet or small room. Hanging drywall for an entire basement is a very big job and it can be very time consuming for Do-it-yourself homeowners. If at all possible-Hire some professionals to do this part of your project! Listed below are steps to Drywall Hanging. You can click on each step to get more details and print an instruction page for each step or click here for full instructions.

Measuring and Ordering Drywall

Drywall Tools

Preparing the area for Drywall


Installing Drywall

Installing Corner bead

Taping and Mudding

Applying the Second Coat of Mud

Applying the Final Coat of Mud


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