Safety for hanging Drywall Instructions

DIY - Safety for hanging Drywall

Hanging Drywall can be done by the homeowner. Note - Hanging drywall for an entire basement is a very big job and it can be very time consuming for Do-it-yourself homeowners. If at all possible-Hire some professionals to do this part of your project! Listed below are instructions for Preparing the Area for Drywall. You can print an instruction page for each step or click here for full instructions.

Safety for hanging Drywall

Hanging Drywall is dirty, heavy work. The drywall dust will go everywhere and you should wear a dust mask and goggles to keep the dust out of your eyes, nose and mouth. Work gloves may also be needed to protect against sharp blades.

Next Step - Installing Drywall - Click here for DIY instructions.

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