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Electrical Home Wiring

Index of Electrical home wiring instructions found on this site.

All about Outlets (Receptacles)

* How to wire outlets (See Video)
* How to wire multiple outlets
* How to wire switched outlets
* How to wire Split-Circuit Outlets

All about Switches

* How to wire light switches (See Video)
* How to wire three-way switches
* How to wire four-way switches
* How to wire switched outlets
* How to wire a switch loop

All about Wiring Lights

* How to wire lights
* How to wire multiple lights with 1 switch
* How to wire multiple lights with multiple switches
* How to wire lights with Split-Circuit Outlets

All about Electrical Boxes

* Junction Box
* Ceiling Box
* Switch Box
* Multi-Gang Switch Box
* Remodeling Box
* Box with Flanges

Low Voltage Wiring

* How to wire with Cat5 cable
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Electrical Home Wiring

Listed below are books that can help you with the Electrical Home Wiring process.