Wiring Instructions for Cat5

Wiring Instructions for cat5

Wiring Instructions for cat5

What is Category 5 Cable ?

* Category 5 cable, commonly referred to as cat 5, is a type or wire or cable which is commonly used as a network cable to connect computers with networks. The cat5 cable looks like a large phone jack and will plug into the network jack on almost all modern computers, laptops, and netbooks. Cat5 cable is used for carrying signals over the Ethernet and for connecting to the Internet. It may also be used to carry video and sound with special adapters used to convert this signal.

For your reference; Listed below you will find a few examples of Cat5 cable with more details and further down the page you will also see some helpful tools commonly used to help install Cat5 wiring.

* Mediabridge Cat5e Cable (15 Feet) - Computer Networking Cord - Blue
* Mediabridge Cat5e (50 Feet) - RJ45 Computer Cord - Blue

Category 5e (enhanced) Cable

* What is Category 5e or Cat5e cable?
* Mediabridge Cat5e Cable (15 Feet) - Computer Networking Cord - Blue

Category 6 Cable

* What is Category 6 or Cat6 cable?
* AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Cable - 10 Feet
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Wiring Instructions for cat5

Listed below are resources that can help you with cat5 wiring.