Detailed info on How to have your basement finished.

Ready to have your basement finished ? Just looking for info on finished basements ? This website has been created to help you create a finished basement. Stages to finish a basement are listed on our home page at

Most finished basements will involve several stages and that is why we recommend you contact a Finished Basement contractor in your area. Even if you are going to do some or all of the work yourself, you should still get free estimates from several basement professional before you get started. They can be a very valuable source of free advice and fresh ideas for your finished basement. Find Local Contractors

Having a finished basement adds lots of living space to your home and weather you decide to draw up the plans and do it yourself or contact a local Finished Basement contractor for help, finishing a basement yourself can be a fun and exciting experience.

Book Description ...
Shows all the tools, materials, and techniques needed to finish a basement, from framing walls to installing finish flooring and fixtures.
Shows how to develop plans for functional and attractive basement rooms, including laundry rooms, storage spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, recreation rooms, and more.
Designed with two tiers: one to cover basic project and one to present extra information to cover options and unusual circumstances and Stanley Pro Tips.
This is one of our recommended books for getting started with your finished basement. Step by step instructions for your finished basement can be found on our home page..

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As you browse thru this website you will find lots of info on Basements and how to finish your basement. You will also find lots of info that can be used for home improvement and remodeling in other areas of your home. Please take a moment to
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Important tips to
Finish a Basement

Pay Attention to Air Circulation
Maximize Your Basement's Natural Light
Make Creative Use of Artificial Light
Double Check Basement lighting Plan
Insulate Your Basement Well
Choose your Remodeling Tools

Remodeling projects
that add the most value include:

Kitchen improvements
Bathroom remodeling or building an additional bathroom.
Basement Finishing
Building an addition to the home
Adding a new room or bedroom.

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Click here to see detailed instructions Planing and design How to finish a Basement - Planning and Design is the first step to finish your basement. Measure your basement space and decide what you want various areas used for.
Click here to see detailed instructions Layout How to finish a Basement- It is important to decide where all walls, lights, switches, outlets and other mechanicals will be located when you finish your basement before you start building.
Click here to see detailed instructions How to frame a wall- Layout, Framing and standing walls in your basement
Click here to see detailed instructions How to frame a wall in place Wall framing- Framing walls in place.
Click here to see detailed instructions Plumbing How to finish a Basement - Plumbing for your basement. includes Water Heaters, Water Heater safety, rough and finish plumbing.
Click here to see detailed instructions on Electrical wiring and How to finish a Basement- Electrical section is being upgraded. Please see Newsletter for updates.
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