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Ok weíve got the box installed on the wall and were ready to put the outlet in. What were going to start with doing is were gonna take the wire and were gonna take a razor knife and cut right down the middle about a half inch above the wire and cut right down the middle. Just slit it right down the middle, be sure to cut down the middle because you do not want to cut either side of the black or the white wire. And you want to stay right in the middle cause the only thing you want in the middle is the ground wire.

When you get to the end were gonna peel that back and that exposes the wires inside. Pull back just like that, if you donít get all the way to the end you can always pull back just like that.

Open it up and you got a white wire a black wire and also you got your ground wire. Take all this stuff right here and cut this off like this. And then were gonna take the outlet, on the outlet and on the outlet you have the brass screw.

The brass screw always goes to the hot wire, its usually gonna be your colored wire in this case its black, and on the other side is your silver screw,

Your silver screw is always going to be your neutral which is the white wire, and then you have the copper wire which is your ground wire and this is going to go to the green screw on the side.

Ok weíve got our ground wire connected to the ground screw now what were going to do is strip our black and our white colored wires and

On the back of the outlet you will see there is a little strip gauge there which tells us exactly how much we need to cut off of each one, if you take that and look at it it will tell you how much you need to take off.

So were gonna take the black wire, I have these wire cutters that will clip the wire at 14 gauge, so I have it set at 14 gauge and well put it in the slot for 14 gauge,, strip a little bit of wire off there.

Now were gonna take some needle nose pliers and take those and bend those around and make a little loop out of each one, small little loop like that, and you just take the needle nose and make a little loop and youíll get the perfect size every time.

After you do that, once again we said the white goes to the silver, and then the color goes to the brass screw and take the white just like that,

Now youíll notice we got two screws here you donít need both of them so weíve tightened one down, what this is for is if you wanted additional outlets and break that tab, as long as that tabs together you only need one side and that will control both sides top and bottom of your outlet, so your gonna tighten the white down,

Flip it over and were gonna attach the black, Now, were always gonna put the wires on where were turning the screws in a clockwise direction and the reason for that is cause when were tightening the wires down. If we put the wire on the other way we would be loosing it as were turning it.

Thatís basically it, weíve got the ground wire got the black and the white attached. You can mount these in the box a couple of ways you can mount them like this or like that the only difference is the type of plate you put on. Basically how you do this is were gonna install this one up, I like to go ahead and put the plate on first, and you just put that on there, tighten these two screws down,

Now after you get the plate on I like to take a little bit of black electrical tape and just wrap it around the terminals on the outside of the outlet. Thatís not required by code I just like to do it cause it keeps it a little bit safer when you stick it in the box or have to change the outlet later on youíll appreciate that little bit of tape on there so your edges donít hit the box or if the plug moves it around a little bit you donít want the edges hitting the side of the box, just put a couple wraps of tape around it just like that,

And then Iím gonna take these wires tuck em like this. Now, this is a good time to give them a little twist, maybe twist them with your linesman pliers a little bit. Make sure itís nice and tight so you got a nice tight connection in there. And then as you put the wires in there you push the wires down depending on how much extra wire you got, push it up so you kinda make an accordion S shape as your pushing it into the box so your wires go back and forth.

Soon as you get it in the box your gonna tighten your top screw, and your bottom screw. Get those lined up and started, then after you get the outlet in the box, basically you put a cover on and youíre all set. Take some cable clamps and clamp that to the wall, and your all set youíre done with the outlet.

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