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Welcome to the Permits and Inspections page for This page was created to provide permit and inspection information to the average homeowner. Please scroll down for more information.

Building Permits
Do I need a permit to finish my Basement?
Yes, Almost all cities require you to obtain a building permit before starting any kind of building or remodeling project.
Why are inspections necessary?
Inspections are necessary because they assist the homeowner or builder in constructing a building that meets current structural, health, security and fire protection safety standards.
How do I obtain this permit?
You can contact your local building department or you can contact for a list of items you will need to obtain a permit.
At what stages am I required to call for a Building Inspection?
There are many stages involved in the building permits process. Inspections should be called at every stage of the building process. Depending on your local municipality inspections for the following may be needed: Plan Drawings, Plan Review, Structural Calculations, Rough Framing, Insulation, Rough Plumbing, Rough Electrical, Mechanicals, Fire Prevention, Finish Plumbing, Finish Electrical, and Final Building Inspections
What if I have already started building?
Contact and we will work with you to obtain a permit even after you have already started working.
What if I decide to build without a permit.
You could get in a lot of trouble for working without a permit. Working without a permit is actually against the law and your local Building Dept. could make you tear everything down and even fine you for working without a permit.

Home Inspections
Do I need a Home Inspection?
Yes, Home inspections are a visual inspection of a building's systems. Anytime you are buying or selling, you should consider a home inspection.
Who do I contact?
You should always contact a State Licensed Inspector. A few inspectors have been listed below for your convenience.
DRC Home Inspections... 660-7608
Progressive Inspection Service... 499-8054
Other Locations
To locate licensed home inspectors in other states you can always contact one of the inspectors listed above and ask for a referral. You can also contact us for a list of Licensed inspectors in your area.

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