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Planning and Design is the first step to a beautiful basement. It is important to measure your basement space and decide what you want various areas used for. With Plan3D you control the type of flooring, furniture, windows, doors, and almost anything else you imagine. See how different layouts can affect furniture and window placements.

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Planning a Basement.

Planning and Design is the first step to planning a beautiful basement. It is important to measure your basement space and decide what you want various areas used for. Layout instructions.

Planning and design for your basement is an important part to creating an inviting living space. Your goal is to make the best use of that basement space. You do not want to design your space to look like a boxed in chopped up basement in any way if possible. Click here to see books about Planning a Basement and Design.

Some basements can be very complicated to design due to duct work, pipes, poles and other obstructions. You want to try and plan for a nice flowing open floor plan that fits your lifestyle, budget and ideas. Hopefully the books and software listed above will help you to create many different designs that will fit your individual space.

Step 1 is to measure the available space. It is important to measure the space and decide what you want various areas used for. Measuring most basements is relatively easy. With a little practice you can easily work out the total square footage of the space you have to work with. Having the square footage available is also very helpful when estimating the materials you will need.

Rectangular rooms are relatively simple to measure. First sketch out the room, marking the position of any existing windows, doorways, stairs and utilities. Please be sure to also draw in any poles that may be used for support. Measure the length and width of the basement remembering to include the depth of any alcoves or other recesses. You may need to split your space up into more manageable squares in order to get a more precise square footage. After you have made your simple sketch, just multiply the width times the length to calculate floor space and repeat the same process with the walls to calculate wall area.

Now you are ready to take your sketch, make a few copies and start deciding different ways to divide up the space and get the most use out of it. Try to be as creative as possible with your plans. Consider home theater rooms, custom bars, exercise rooms, playrooms, mini kitchens, baths, workshops, and hobby rooms as well as extra bedrooms and storage areas. Please visit Plan3D where you can easily design and print your project floorplans. This is a site we use every day and we have also found it works well for remodeling kitchens, baths, and creating house plans.

After you get a floor plan together you can go on to the next step which is layout of your basement.

This page "Planning a Basement" is part of the website. More detailed information on how to finish a basement can be found at our home page. - Detailed info on How to finish a Basement.

Click here to see detailed instructions Planing and design How to finish a Basement - Planning and Design is the first step to finish your basement. Measure your basement space and decide what you want various areas used for.
Click here to see detailed instructions Layout How to finish a Basement- It is important to decide where all walls, lights, switches, outlets and other mechanicals will be located when you finish your basement before you start building.
Click here to see detailed instructions How to frame a wall- Layout, Framing and standing walls in your basement
Click here to see detailed instructions How to frame a wall in place Wall framing- Instructions for Framing walls in place with a top and bottom plate.
Click here to see detailed instructions Plumbing How to finish a Basement - Plumbing for your basement. includes Water Heaters, Water Heater safety, rough and finish plumbing.
Click here to see detailed instructions on Electrical wiring and How to finish a Basement- Electrical section is being upgraded. Please see Newsletter for updates.

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This website has been created as a reference guide to help you finish your basement and to provide training and support thru every step of the process. Stages to finish a basement are listed on this page. Most basements will involve several of these stages. Please feel free to browse thru our website and review the many different steps needed to finish a basement. More detailed information is included at each stage.
Please take a moment to and feel free to contact us with any questions. Our staff is always available to answer your questions and to offer some creative tips and tricks to get the most out of your new finished basement living space.

For a list of Basement Finish contractors in your area please check out the Contractors Page. We can never stress strongly enough to our customers how helpful it can be to have a pro look at your project. Even if you plan to do some or all of the work yourself, it will be helpful to get some free advice and fresh ideas.
As you browse thru this website you will find lots of info on Basements and how to finish your basement. You will also find lots of info that can be used for home improvement and remodeling in other areas of your home.
This website is designed to provide the info you need in one convenient place. please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have. We would love to hear from you!

How To Finish a Basement

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Flooring Tile
Final Finish Plumbing
Final Finish Electrical
Carpet Installation
Finish Touch-up work / details
Final Inspection

Important tips to Finish a Basement

Pay Attention to Air Circulation
Maximize Your Basement's Natural Light
Make Creative Use of Artificial Light
Double Check Basement lighting Plan
Insulate Your Basement Well
Choose your Remodeling Tools
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