Tools Needed to Finish a Basement

What are the Tools Needed to Finish a Basement
Basement Remodeling Tools
DIY List of Tools to Finish a Basement.

Tools Needed to Finish a Basement

Hammer, Tape Measure, 48 Inch Level

3 Tools you gotta have. Hammer, Tape Measure, and a 48 inch Level. These tools are essential to finish or remodel a basement. you probably already own a hammer but if not, any 16oz. hammer will work. i prefer the ones with the fiberglass handle because it seems to lessen the shock I feel with every swing. A good tape measure - 25-35 feet is a good size for most basement projects. If you need to measure farther than this, you might want to consider a good laser measuring tool. And last but not least. You will need a good quality 48' level. This is a tool you will use for everything from checking the level of your basement floor to making sure your doors are plumb, level and straight. You may already have a short mini-level, but you really need one that's four feet or longer. That short mini one is good for hanging pictures but it's not gonna help you much as a basement tool. Also-Try to get a level with some measurement markings on it because they come in really handy when measuring between studs for framing or measuring where to put outlets or switch boxes later on.

Tools Needed to Finish a Basement

Clamps, Skil-Saw, Extension Cords

Clamps are essential because you just can't do it without them. Irwin fast clamps are my personal favorite. They are inexpensive and they are easy to use with just one hand. A couple of heavy duty extension cords will let you bring power wherever you need it. I prefer 50 foot cords with a triple tap on the end but you can choose from a wide variety of lengths and gauges for every application. These tools come in really handy to finish or remodel a basement. These are also tools you will use for everything while you finish or remodel your basement.

Books that may be helpful while Finishing or remodeling your Basement

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