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Recommended Reading -- Listed below are several books on basement planning and design.
These books are a great place to start and will give you lots of new ideas on how to plan and use your space.

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Yes, we can recommend Professional Contractors in your area who will help you to finish your basement. This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Our professional contractors will come to your home and give you a free estimate, so you can see how much it would cost to get your basement finished by a pro. They can also give you a rough estimate of how much you can save by doing some or all of the work yourself. Please contact the Professional Contractors in your area by clicking here or you can use the Contractors tab at the top of this page. Just a little guidance can save you lots of time and headaches.

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Training Packages
First a little history behind Basements101.com. We started this website because we feel there is a need for the average homeowner to understand the scope of work covered by finishing a basement. Most of the trainers and professional contractors involved with Basements101 have been finishing basements and/or building homes for the last 15-20 years. We have all seen dozens of homes where the homeowner has started to finish their basement and then for some reason the job never got finished. Many of these homeowners have abandoned the project because they did not realize how long it would take them to complete or because they realized it was a much larger project than they ever expected. The sad part is most of these basements could have easily been finished with a little training and some advice from an experienced contractor. So we created this website to help the average homeowner. You can do it and we can help!

The first thing to realize is that finishing your basement is just like building a small house. Many of the same building trades are involved. You will be doing carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall, insulation, painting, and even a little design work. You will also need to have a basic understanding of what trade comes first. This is where our website can help. Listed on the left and right columns of our Home page are many of the trades you will need to finish your basement. Take a look at them and give yourself a truthful evaluation. After you have reviewed the different trades, please contact us at Basements101. We will arrange for a professional contractor to talk with you and help you decide if you want to complete all the trades yourself or call in professionals for help. Our contractor will also be able to provide you with on-the-spot estimates for any part of your project. For example….You may want to do everything but the drywall. We can give you an estimate for just drywall. There is no cost or obligation.

Training is available for any part of your basement or home remodeling project. This is a brand new idea for all those avid do-it-yourself homeowners that just need a little hands on instruction. You tell us in what area you need some instruction and we will arrange for one of our instructors to either come to your home or provide hands on training at our facility. This will give you an opportunity to learn just what you need to know to finish your basement. Most training can be scheduled in 2 hr. blocks of time. Evenings and weekends are available. Necessary tools will be provided by instructors. Training options are listed below. All instruction packages include up to 2 hrs. hands-on training and instruction in your home plus unlimited phone support for 30 days.

Layout, Design
and Framing
This training package covers the steps involved in designing your space and laying out the walls to get the most out of your available space. Several space saving techniques and design tips unique to your space will be taught. Basic framing instructions will also be taught. (Approx. 2hrs.)
Electrical Layout and Installation
Covers the steps involved in layout and installation of all electrical switches, outlets and fixtures. (Approx. 2hrs.)
Creative Ceiling and Soffits
Covers different techniques used to create ceilings and soffits around obstructions while maximizing headroom. (Approx. 2hrs.)
Plumbing Layout and Installation
Layout and installation of all plumbing and fixtures. (Approx. 2hrs.)
Trim Carpentry
Installation of doors, windows, trim, casing, cabinets and countertops. (Approx. 2hrs.)
HVAC Layout and Installation
Covers the steps involved in layout and installation of all HVAC fittings and fixtures as well as calculations needed to properly size all fixtures. (Approx. 1hr.)
Custom Painting and Faux Finishes
Covers trim painting tricks as well as Faux finishes and custom painting.
Other training packages are also available. If you have a specific project and you just need some guidance or instruction please contact us. We will be happy to direct you according to your needs.

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