Preparing the Area for Drywall Instructions

DIY - Preparing the Area for Drywall

Preparing the Area for Drywall can be done by the homeowner. Note - Hanging drywall for an entire basement is a very big job and it can be very time consuming for Do-it-yourself homeowners. If at all possible-Hire some professionals to do this part of your project! Listed below are instructions for Preparing the Area for Drywall. You can print an instruction page for each step or click here for full instructions.

Preparing the Area for Drywall

Before you start hanging drywall if you are city requires inspections, you will need to be sure all rough-in inspections have been done and the building inspector has approved the Framing, Plumbing, Electrical and Insulation jobs. You should also staple a vapor barrier made of plastic to all insulated walls.

Before you start be sure to inspect all of the framing carefully. Be sure that 2" x 4"s are in place in all corners and headers so that you will have something to attach drywall to and all framing is straight. You should also check for any pipes or electric cords that are within 1.5 inches of the surface. Metal plates are available to protect plumbing and electrical wiring before drywall is installed.

Next Step - Safety - Click here for DIY instructions.

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